What We Offer - Pataka Berries - raspberries, fresh and frozen fruit, tomatoes and produce

Pataka Berries Christchurch NZ
Pataka Berries Christchurch NZ
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What we Offer

All fresh or frozen fruit and produce is proudly New Zealand Grown.
Pataka Berries has an area of 2.8 hectares which can produce up to 10 TN dependent on the  season.  Fresh raspberries  are generally available from mid-December until late March.  Pick your own Raspberries starts on 27 December until seasons end, approximately 5 weeks.  Frozen Raspberries are available all year round.

Approximately 12,000 tomato plants are hand planted mid-November and ready from end February/March on a picked or Pick your Own basis.  Limited number of frozen tomatoes available year round.

Fresh Fruit
Fresh blueberries and Strawberries are sourced from local and growers and are available from Christmas until March.
Fresh  strawberries available Mid November
Fresh  Blueberries available mid December.
The  availability of fresh fruit is always weather dependent.

Frozen Berries
Pataka Berries sources New Zealand grown fruit to be able to supply all year round frozen Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Boysenberries, Strawberries as well as our own Raspberries, either Free Flow or Jam packs.
Free Range Eggs

We have our own chickens so sell free range eggs.

Gold Fern Honey

Genuine local honey

Homemade Preserves

We produce a range of jams, jellies, tomato relish and sauce and sell all year round.

Real Fruit Ice Creams available  


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