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Pataka Berries Christchurch NZ
Pataka Berries Christchurch NZ
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About Us
Pataka Berries, at the northern end of Marshland Road, is a locally owned and family run berry farm which has been in the Johnston family since 1909.  It is currently owned and run by the 4th generation, Ian and Margaret Johnston.

Since being established by the first Mayor of Christchurch, William (Cabbage) Wilson, as an orchard and nursery block in the 1880’s, the property now grows 2.8 hectares of raspberries, along with a substantial area of outdoor tomatoes. The huge taste advantage over their hothouse cousins makes them very popular.

Pataka Berries has been growing and selling berries for over 30 years.  As a smaller grower, they have placed huge emphasis on maintaining high quality rather than high volume output.  As such it has established itself at the top end of the quality retail market and being available only through our shop.  A modern environmentally friendly “soft” chemical spray programme is used which allows natural predators as pest control.  A natural organic fertiliser is also used.

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768 Marshland Road
Christchurch 8083
Ph 03 323 7896
Fax: 03 323 8967
Email: patakaberries@xtra.co.nz
Pataka Berries Christchurch NZ
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